shake handsSmoking Sticks is the leading exporters of well-crafted arnis sticks and other martial art products in the Philippines. Its 15 years of excellent reputation in exporting arnis martial art products worldwide is unparalleled.  Our good name is our guarantee.

We are certain that we are able to meet all our clients’ needs, demands and satisfaction without compromising the quality of our products.

As number the one leading manufacturers of escrima sticks, we promise to give you only the best and the finest!

Smoking Sticks produces/manufactures the highest quality arnis sticks (eskrima/kali) and other martial art products such as arnis/karate uniform, karate belt, kerambit, dulo-dulo, dummy sword, dummy knives, and a lot more.

Our export-quality products underwent meticulous inspection for safety and durability.

factory 1

Wholesale Price – For International Distributors and Suppliers

We are pleased to send you for your study our catalogue/price list/brochure in any lines in which you are interested.

We can draw up a special price quotation to meet your needs.

Note:  For more information on how to become a distributor, please feel free to get in touch with us.


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